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The Ultimate Guide to Safety Culture

What is Safety Culture?  The concept of safety culture has gained more attention in high-hazard industries as more safety practitioners see the influence that workers’ attitudes and behaviors have on...

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3 Things Workers Should Know About Shift Worker Fatigue, From a Doctor

We spoke recently with our resident fatigue doctor, Dr. Doug Potter, who is one of the few people in his industry who balances both medicine and leadership skills.  He works in environments that are...

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To Increase Safety and Productivity, Focus On The Front Line

The term “front line” first referred specifically to the line of soldiers closest to enemy territory or the enemy itself. Imagine, for instance, the legionaries of ancient Rome forming an unbroken...

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The Best Way To Safety Excellence

An article about warehouse safety that I recently came across asserted that following OSHA’s rules and regulations was the best way to avoid hazards in the workplace. Although following OSHA’s rules...

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Safety Issues Associated with Commercially Available Energy Drinks

Since Red Bull's introduction to the U.S. market in 1997, energy drinks have become common in many diets around the world. In fact, one study in Europe revealed that as many as 30% of adults over 18...

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Thwarting the Accident Cycle through Effective Safety Communication

For many safety professionals, determining the causes of incidents and near misses can be a frustrating process, especially when workers fear being reprimanded. This leads to finger-pointing and...

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