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Measuring Safety Culture

Broadly, culture refers to the ways in which people interact with each other. This includes things like the modes and methods of their communication, the expectations and the norms of their behavior,...

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How Cognitive Impairment Testing Can Improve Your Employee's Drug Testing Program

Common Employee's Drug Testing Questions: Cannabis has been legalized in our state. How do we adjust our drug-testing program to avoid penalizing workers for legal consumption that does not impact...

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Why You Need a Fatigue Monitoring System

Fatigue monitoring is a big topic, and the causes of fatigue in the workplace are varied and numerous. Based on the ones that truly impact your environment, a fatigue monitoring system can be built...

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49 CFR Section 392.3

CAN FATIGUE RISK BE REGULATED? The commercial transport industry is subject to regulation 49 CFR 392.3, which aims to prevent an ill or fatigued driver from getting behind the wheel. However, the...

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OSHA Drug Testing Ruling

Included in the upcoming August 10th rule on electronic reporting of workplace injuries, OSHA makes it clear that not all injuries justify post-accident drug testing, and that such mandatory policies...

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The CDL Training Gap - Positive, Predictive, Proactive Prevention Protects the Pocketbook

“...she attempted to drive her 21-ton truck and trailer over a long-standing bridge of historical note, despite the bridge’s posted weight limit of 6 tons as well as a sign reading “No Trucks.” CDL...

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