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What's the Science Behind Impairment Testing?

Workplace impairment is a serious and sometimes confusing topic. The causes of impairment are varied, the effects mixed and remediation efforts, until now, have been difficult to implement.  This...

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Legalized Marijuana and Workplace Drug Testing: Complete Guide

How is Legalized Marijuana Affecting Workplaces?  91% of Americans agree with the relaxation of marijuana laws according to Pew Research.  This comes after marijuana has already been fully legalized...

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23 Night-Shift Tips to Boost Shift Safety and Productivity in the Workplace

Shift-Workers  15% of the U.S. full-time workforce works shifts outside the typical 9-5 day schedule. These workers are at increased risk of fatigue and shift-work disorder. Further, a large portion...

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Predictive Safety Partners With Pyxis Advisory Group To Bring The Most Advanced Fatigue Management & Alertness Testing To The Oil & Gas, Energy, Transportation, And Industrial Safety World

We are excited to announce our partnership with Pyxis Advisory Group. The Pyxis team are experts in understanding integrated safety technology in the oil gas, energy, transportation, and the...

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Employee Drug Testing as an Ineffective Safety Practice

Since President Reagan’s mandate for employee drug testing Federal employees in 1988, many private sector employers followed suit and continue to follow suit by testing their employees for drug use,...

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Work Fatigue Symptoms

A report by the National Safety Council illustrates that over two-thirds of employees in all industries have reported work fatigue symptoms including feeling tired while at work.1 Half of employers...

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