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Recently, Predictive Safety’s Senior Aviation Advisor, John Gemmell, and COO, Jeff Sease, conducted an interview with AviationPros.com to discuss the current challenges airline ground service providers are facing with aviation fatigue management, and how the AlertMeter® technology is helping to ease some of the burdens and create safer working conditions.

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Software’s Helping Hand For Labor:

As ground service providers wrestle with the workforce issues of the day and aviation fatigue management, technology is easing some of the burdens. 

Key Takeaways in Aviation Fatigue Management:

  • Indicators show job resignations are up 23 percent from pre-pandemic levels, and many aviation workers are quitting jobs to take higher-paying options elsewhere. Employees are re-examining what they want from their work-life. As a result, employers are having to pay more and look for ways to attract talent.
  • High turnover has always been an issue in this sector of the aviation industry, but until recently, it was fairly manageable. COVID-related shifts have upended the workforce bringing turnover to record levels. Most experts concur that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.
  • Daily shortfalls of 30 to 40 percent under the needed headcount are common for most major companies in aviation. Making up for the shortfall means scheduling lots of overtime. The long hours and extra shifts mean workers arrive tired, feel burned out, and can get dangerously fatigued while on the job.
  • The use of next-generation technologies to better manage aviation workers, manage issues like fatigue, and accommodate their preferences is increasing throughout the industry. Today, we’re seeing all industry sectors deploy workforce management solutions to address shift preferences, ensure that workers are assigned tasks for which they have the proper skills, and ensure adherence to service level agreements.
  • The AlertMeter is a patented, next-generation technology that gives employers a tool to objectively measure the cognitive state of their employees. With a 60-second puzzle-solving app, workers can know if they are overly fatigued to perform their assigned duty. It’s the perfect aviation fatigue management tool.
  • The AlertMeter isn’t meant to deny people work but to create safer, more productive workplaces. It’s about engendering more effective leadership within your organization and recognizing the fact that your leaders rarely have time to look everybody in the eye and ask them how they’re doing. AlertMeter is generating conversations that would not have happened otherwise.

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