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Predictive Safety’s partner GetHomeSafe has been awarded The Grand Business South Innovation Award for their Journey Management Industrial Safety App making sure workers get “Home Safe” every day! 

GHS ensures the safety of lone workers by providing real-time information about where your team is going, how long they expect to take, their intended destination, their fatigue status, and access to a simple alerting sequence in case of distress, making sure workers are getting ‘Home Safe’ every day. 

The judges found that GetHomeSafe had a unique innovative suite that had been developed to solve a problem in various industries, notably the transport and logistics sector.

Rachel Lehen (strategic partner of predictive safety), Managing Director at Fit for Duty who has worked closely with GetHomeSafe on their combined solution; “We are very excited to be working alongside the team at GetHomeSafe to deliver an industry-leading integration of our fatigue & welfare management systems. By incorporating the Fatigue Manager into the GHS dashboard and worker activity check-in, we can now offer an objective way to ensure that all workers are Fit for Duty before they commence any safety-sensitive task.”

The fatigue management integration into their app utilizes PRISM, Predictive Safety’s Fatigue Management System to give real-time fatigue status for workers. 

“We are proud to be able to enhance such a wonderful technology with our fatigue management system to ensure everyone gets home safe to their families. We are doing some exciting things down in New Zealand with fatigue management. This award will continue to help bring awareness to the importance of properly monitoring and managing fatigue."

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About Predictive Safety

Predictive Safety is the global industry leader in predictive fatigue management and impairment detection. Based in Denver, CO we offer our PRISM Fatigue Management System and The AlertMeter®. PRISM utilizes scientifically proven circadian science to effectively measure and predict fatigue risk within your workforce. The AlertMeter® is the premiere impairment detection tool used to ensure your workforce is cognitively fit for work on a daily basis. 

Predictive Safety serves proactive companies who understand their responsibility to a safe work environment and prioritize their greatest asset… Their People. Our solutions reduce your overall risk and optimize productivity offering a tremendous return on investment.

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Predictive Safety Provides Software & Apps for Fatigue Management

PRISM Manages Workforce Fatigue

Visualize, Quantify, And Predict Fatigue In Real-Time Before It Becomes A Risk For The Safest, Most Productive Workforce.

AlertMeter Empowers Worker Fatigue Self-Assessment 

The AlertMeter® allows you to anticipate who the next at-risk person could be and to put safeguards in place for that specific person at that moment.

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