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49 CFR Section 392.3

CAN FATIGUE RISK BE REGULATED? The commercial transport industry is subject to regulation 49 CFR 392.3, which aims to prevent an ill or fatigued driver from getting behind the wheel. However, the...

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OSHA Drug Testing Ruling

Included in the upcoming August 10th rule on electronic reporting of workplace injuries, OSHA makes it clear that not all injuries justify post-accident drug testing, and that such mandatory policies...

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The CDL Training Gap - Positive, Predictive, Proactive Prevention Protects the Pocketbook

“...she attempted to drive her 21-ton truck and trailer over a long-standing bridge of historical note, despite the bridge’s posted weight limit of 6 tons as well as a sign reading “No Trucks.” CDL...

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7 Deadly Signs Of Fatigue

I remember the first couple of years after my twins were born. I didn’t know that fatigue could go that deep, or that I could keep moving on such little sleep. I couldn’t really change the situation,...

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Innovation over Arguments

Though the need for laws and regulations, in general, may not be easily denied, contention regarding the regulation of high-hazard industries tends to focus on regulations’ suitability, the degree to...

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Massachusetts Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Medical Marijuana Employee

“Regardless of those issues, our reliance on drug testing detracts from the true nature of impairment.” A July 17th ruling from the Massachusetts Supreme Court on allowing medical marijuana use as...

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