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Denver, CO –  February 8th, 2023

We are excited to announce we have an official partnership with LCM Solutions Inc., based out of Canada. LCM Solutions specializes in identifying opportunities to prevent and reduce the Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) for Commercial entities. LCM source leading-edge, innovative and proven solutions that are ‘tech-enabled to optimize risk solutions.  LCM collaboratively builds programs benefiting all stakeholders through the supply chain; from the commercial client, supplier, broker, and insurer.

Jeff Akers, CEO of Predictive Safety says, “LCM is the perfect partner for Predictive Safety as they believe in the power of data and technology to identify opportunities to reduce risk. They are committed to trust, transparency, and the articulation of risk delivering improved risks and profitability to their partners and our technology perfectly aligns with this mission.” 

Peter Hay, Chief Marketing Officer of Predictive Safety added, “LCM brings to the table a rich history of clients and expertise to help bring our predictive fatigue management solutions to a broader market from an insurance and risk management angle. Super excited to have them on board!”

Mark Weir, Managing Director of LCM Solutions commented ‘the more we analyze risk and behavior, the more we need to address the ‘human factor’ and educate how to control and reduce risk. Predictive Safety reduces the risk of injury and brings proven results directly to the workforce.  We are honored to help protect and care for an organization’s greatest asset, its people; in lockstep with Predictive Safety. 

About Predictive Safety

Predictive Safety is the global leader in fatigue management, prediction, and impairment detection. Based in Denver, CO we offer our PRISM Fatigue Management System and The AlertMeter®. PRISM utilizes scientifically proven circadian science to effectively measure and predict fatigue risk within your workforce. The AlertMeter® is the premiere impairment detection tool used to ensure your workforce is cognitively fit for work on a daily basis. Our solutions reduce your overall risk and optimize productivity offering a tremendous return on investment.

About LCM Solutions Inc.

LCM Solutions Inc. is a globally networked intermediary and consultant. We stand for integrity, trust, and transparency and represent over 100 years of hands-on, C-suite executive experience within the commercial; insurance, risk management, property finance, and development industries. We leverage our expertise in networking with C-Suite decision makers “connecting dots” to strategically align cultures, data, and technologies to create collaborative partnerships within the corporate risk & insurance supply chain. We approach each opportunity strategically, analytically, and holistically. Through our strategic international collaborations, we are able to accelerate change by forging a clear path through the worldwide risk management and insurance landscape. For more information about LCM Solutions, Inc visit: https://lcmsolutions.ca/

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Predictive Safety Provides Software & Apps for Fatigue Management

PRISM Manages Workforce Fatigue

Visualize, Quantify, And Predict Fatigue In Real-Time Before It Becomes A Risk For The Safest, Most Productive Workforce.

AlertMeter Empowers Worker Fatigue Self-Assessment 

The AlertMeter® allows you to anticipate who the next at-risk person could be and to put safeguards in place for that specific person at that moment.

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