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We are excited to announce our partnership with Pyxis Advisory Group. The Pyxis team are experts in understanding integrated safety technology in the oil gas, energy, transportation, and the industrial safety world.

Jeff Akers, CEO of Predictive Safety says “this partnership will not only allow us full coverage in the Oil & Gas / Energy sector but fully aligns with our mission of creating a safer, more productive workforce in an extremely safety-sensitive industry.

“The Pyxis team has already begun bringing major clients to our platform as a service and we look forward to a long-term relationship where we solve risk management and safety issues for the Pyxis stable of clients and partners” 

Matt Flanagan, Partner at Pyxis Advisory Group, believes our PRISM & AlertMeter® technology “brings a differentiated and compelling value proposition to the industrial sector as it strives to operate its facilities to zero incidents and lost work days. We’re excited to be partnering with Predictive Safety to bring a comprehensive health and safety solution to the industrial sector.”

“Owner-operators of industrial facilities are challenged each and every day to provide for the health and safety of their employees and contractors.  Predictive Safety, through their AlertMeter® and PRISM offerings, has brought an industry-leading solution for asset owner-operators to both provide a safe work environment and to ensure their employees and contractors remain safe on the job.”

If you would like to learn more about how Predictive Safety’s Fatigue Management & Alertness Solutions can help your company please schedule a discovery demo meeting today!

About Predictive Safety

Predictive Safety is the global industry leader in predictive fatigue management and impairment detection. Based in Denver, CO we offer our PRISM Fatigue Management System and The AlertMeter®. PRISM utilizes scientifically proven circadian science to effectively measure and predict fatigue risk within your workforce. The AlertMeter® is the premiere impairment detection tool used to ensure your workforce is cognitively fit for work on a daily basis. 

Predictive Safety serves proactive companies who understand their responsibility to a safe work environment and prioritize their greatest asset… Their People. Our solutions reduce your overall risk and optimize productivity offering a tremendous return on investment.


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Predictive Safety Provides Software & Apps for Fatigue Management

PRISM Manages Workforce Fatigue

Visualize, Quantify, And Predict Fatigue In Real-Time Before It Becomes A Risk For The Safest, Most Productive Workforce.

AlertMeter Empowers Worker Fatigue Self-Assessment 

The AlertMeter® allows you to anticipate who the next at-risk person could be and to put safeguards in place for that specific person at that moment.

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