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Young and members of his management team at VForge share how AlertMeter has helped them align their policies and procedures to their core philosophy of respect for their workers and high regard for their safety when they come to work.

In addition to the positive impact of the cultural shift, VForge has also benefited from a significant decrease in Workers’ Comp claims, and an 11% uptick in productivity since implementing AlertMeter. 

Vforge, Inc. management shares how AlertMeter® has reduced incidents and Workers Comp costs and helped to create a “culture of safety.”



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Predictive Safety Provides Software & Apps for Fatigue Management

PRISM Manages Workforce Fatigue

Visualize, Quantify, And Predict Fatigue In Real-Time Before It Becomes A Risk For The Safest, Most Productive Workforce.

AlertMeter Empowers Worker Fatigue Self-Assessment 

The AlertMeter® allows you to anticipate who the next at-risk person could be and to put safeguards in place for that specific person at that moment.

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